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Titans Cribbage Club

Our Cribbage club meets every Wednesday evening at the Elks Club Lodge located at 2951 S Camino Mercado, Green Valley AZ 85622. Year round.    We play from 6 PM to just about 9PM, but you may come early and play pick up cribbage games before the regular games start. 

There are no fees or memberships required for play.  You do not need to be a member of the Elks Club or of any other group.    You can play for free any night or you may join in any of the three pools that we have for high hands or high points for winning games.    We play seven games for score.   (You may play an eighth game if you wish and cross off one of the seven earlier games if there is sufficient time for you to play the eighth game.)

   Some food and drinks are available at the Elks Lodge. 

It is best to call Bill Ellis at (cell phone) 310-621-3897 or home at 520 303-5000 ahead of time and have your name added to my guest entry list that the Elks club will have available at the door.  Otherwise, just come and say you are with the cribbage group and they will page me to the desk for entry. 

We play traditional two handed cribbage.   Because there are so many different "local rules" to cribbage in the US and UK, we play under the rules of the American Cribbage Congress,  but they are loosely enforced. 

The American Cribbage Congress sponsors many hundreds of cribbage clubs across the US and holds a very large number of cribbage tournaments.   Some of these tournaments draw up to 1500 players at a time.   See www.cribbage.org for further details on the ACC.

All equipment is supplied by the club and includes standard tournament style cribbage boards,  large print playing cards and a score card identical to the ACC tournament score cards.    You get two points for a win and three points for a skunk.  Pools are awarded at the close of the evening.

    All persons interested in an evening's enjoyment are welcome to attend regardless of skill level and there are no required fees or dues and you may play as many or few games as you wish.  


As mentioned all cribbage equipment is supplied by the club. 


We now play year round.



More Information?

Bill Ellis  (520) 303-5000

Cell is (310) 621 3897

Email to:  Bill@PlayCribbage.com

Website is www. PlayCribbage.com


Summer Contact: 

Bill Strube(Bstrube@cox.net)

Phone: 520-625-3708


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